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Displaying the highest quality original art by oil painters from around the country covering plein air landscapes and still life’s by members of the ROI and MAFA

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Autumn/Winter Exhibition

The new Autumn/Winter Exhibition 2021/2022 will be a continually changing and updated exhibition that runs from October - January and will feature original artwork such as landscape paintings, still life paintings, Abstract Art, figurative paintings and lustreware. The paintings will be specially selected and will depict a variety of subjects and locations from places such as Spain (Seville, Santa Ponsa), Italy (Venice), Scotland, London, Cumbria, Yorkshire (Settle), Ainsdale Sands, Manchester, Blackpool and the Lake District. Artists exhibiting will include: Michael J Ashcroft (ROI, MAFA), Rob Pointon (ROI, MAFA), Haidee-Jo Summers (ROI, RSMA), Andrew Farmer (ROI), David Allen (RSMA), Adam Ralston (MAFA), Steven P Smith (MAFA), Norman Long (MAFA), Ian Layton, Chris Slater, Malcolm Taylor (RBA, PMAFA, PS), Kate Collins (MAFA) It will also introduce artists Max White and Gerry Halpin (MBE, PPMAFA) who will be exhibiting at Windermere Fine Art Gallery 1 for the first time.

Clockwise from top left:
The Crescent, Windermere by Ian Layton; White Lilac by Haidee Jo Summers; Waddingtons, Spring Day by Ian Layton; Drift Lane, First Day of June by David Allen; Pause before the descent by Norman Long; Castle Crag From Grange by David Allen.
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